Board Members

parcs bob s

Bob Steenson, Winter Springs, FL

Originally from Minneapolis, Bob and his family moved to Winter Springs in 1985.

parcs charlie

Charley Sloan, Winter Springs FL

Originally from Boston, Charley and his family moved from Chicago to Winter Springs in 1986.

parcs barbaraBarbara Whittier, Oviedo FL

Barbara is a lifelong Florida resident.


Victoria Barnett, Oviedo FL

Victoria is a lifelong Florida resident


Brian Walsh, Lake Mary FL

Brian has been resident of Florida since 1976.

parcs mattMatt Criswell

Matt is a life long resident of Seminole County, Florida.

parcs susieSusie Dolan

Susie is also a life long resident of Florida.

parcs jay Jay Zembower

Jparcs joeoe Abel, CPRP * Ex-Officio Board Member

Originally from West Virginia
Director of the Leisure Services Department for Seminole County, FL